SoftBank Ventures Asia has consistently operated with the vision of becoming a company that contributes to people’s happiness and joy and to the future of the world by helping early-stage startups that are on a mission to build the future.

“There is no future for those who do not challenge.”


Masayoshi Son, Chairman & CEO, SoftBank Group Corp.

Who We Are

Founded in 2000, SoftBank Ventures Asia is a venture arm of SoftBank Group. Our expertise lies in ICT investments.
We look for and invest in startups with strong potential with our base in Korea, Singapore, China, the U.S., and Israel.

Where We Invest

SoftBank Ventures Asia’s primary investment candidates are early to growth-stage startups in the ICT industry, including AI, IoT, and smart robotics.

  • Early to Growth

    We focus on early to growth-stage startups for our investment. We review for potential investments even those who have only formed a team, if they have creative ideas or outstanding technologies.

  • Go Global

    SoftBank Ventures Asia invests in companies seeking to advance into the global market. Post-investment support is provided through the SoftBank Group network.

  • Constant Innovation

    SoftBank Ventures Asia invests in companies that make the world a better place through revolutions in digital information. We place priority on technology that can enrich people’s lives and bring greater happiness.

Why SoftBank Ventures Asia


    We plug great startups into the SoftBank Group ecosystem in order to facilitate side-by-side growth.
    SoftBank Ventures Asia supports portfolios to expand their business overseas by leveraging 1,300 SoftBank global network, including ARM, LINE, Yahoo Japan, Alibaba, WeWork China, and Tokopedia. SoftBank Ventures Asia also supports partnership and cooperation among SoftBank group's various enterprises, including the Vision Fund, and introduces talented human resources.


    SoftBank Ventures Asia supports startups that are pioneering global markets. Based on the substantial business experience and resources of SoftBank, we support overseas expansion, joint venture establishment, overseas sales promotion, and the M&A processes of startups.
    We also connect startups with potential business partners, investors, and acquirers, based on the trust that the SoftBank brands have built.


    We offer various forms of assistance for those who receive the investment and became a part of the SoftBank community. We hold workshops and networking events to pass down accumulated experience and knowledge. SoftBank Ventures Asia now has a 500 founders and investors network. A culture of helpfulness has become an important part of SoftBank Ventures Asia, which has been sustained from the beginning. The founders know that if they ever come across a challenge they need help with, they not only have the partners at their disposal, they also have 500 domain experts they can call on.

How We Do

  • 21

    Number of funds managed

  • 2.5

    Funds under management

  • 300

    Companies funded

Major Funds

  • 2021

    SVA Smart Korea Fund

  • 2021

    Future Innovation Private Equity Fund III

  • 2021

    China Ventures Fund II

  • 2019

    Growth Acceleration Fund

  • 2018

    Global Opportunity Private Equity Fund

  • 2018

    China Ventures Fund I

  • 2017

    SB Global Champ Fund

  • 2016

    SB Next Media Innovation Fund

  • 2015

    SB Global Star Fund

  • 2014

    Future Creation Naver-SB Fund

  • 2011

    SB Pan-Asia

*USD 1 = KRW 1,150