SoftBank Ventures Korea invests in people who will be future leaders.

  • Early to Growth

    SoftBank Ventures Korea's primary investment candidates are startups in their early to growth stages. SoftBank Ventures Korea considers companies with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology as potential investments even if all the company has to offer is a team of people.

  • Go Global

    SoftBank Ventures Korea invests in companies seeking to advance into global markets in and beyond Asia. Full post-investment support is provided through the SoftBank Group network.

  • Constant Innovation

    SoftBank Ventures Korea invests in companies that make the world a better place through digital information revolutions. We place priority on technology that can enrich people's lives and bring greater happiness.

Aggregate Number of Funds
  • 13

    Aggregate numberof funds

    SoftBank Ventures Korea has been growing with approximately 200 startups through continuous investment of funds since its inception.

  • 45%

    Proportion of Early Stage Investments

    SoftBank Ventures Korea engages in initial investments to accelerate the process from the early to take-off stages.

  • 30%

    Proportion of Overseas Portfolios

    SoftBank Ventures Korea invests in startups from a wide range of countries including the U.S., China, Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

Major investment industries
  • Mobile Service

  • Digital Media

  • E-Commerce

  • Digital Education

  • Industrial Tech

  • Communication Solution

  • Security

  • Data Management

  • Gaming

  • Device & Equipment